Five Pawsome Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Pets

Thanksgiving is only days away, and in harmony with the Thanksgiving celebration, it’s time for all of us to show our gratitude to loved ones. Besides family and friends, don’t forget our pets, who are always by our side and brighten up our life in the most amazing way.

More than anyone, you understand how important your four-legged friend means to your life. And normally, to be thankful for something or someone doesn’t mean we have to have an apparent reason. But since it’s Thanksgiving, let find out with us what the most persuasive evidence is that we can not put our pet out of the thankful list.

Here are the five main reasons that we found highly essential to mention our thankfulness to the pets on this holiday.

5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Pets

In fact, there can be millions of reasons for us to express our gratitude toward furry friends, but the following five are the most significant and persuasive to most pet parents.

Your Pets Are Always There By Your Side

No one can deny this signature characteristic of pets. No matter if it's a dog, a cat, or a bird, they always show their loyalty to us by never wanting to leave us aside, enjoy every moment with us, and are happy to see us around.

It’s probably countless times you come home while your dog is already waiting at the front door with its tail waiting excitedly. The happiness of being greeted at the door, getting licked and jumped on by your pets, is precious medicine to release all the stress of a long day.

Since you guys have been through several milestones together, spending holidays with each other definitely brings more memorable memories. This Thanksgiving is a perfect chance to show your pet your appreciation to them with a few new and surprising goodies, like Stealin’ Hearts and Making Farts Bandana or wearing a Road to Heart Pattern Personalized T-shirt to shout out to the world about your special bond.

They Love You Unconditionally

Unlike any other relationship you have in this life, the companionship you have between you and your pets is strong and lasts through time. Whoever you are, rich or poor, male or female, your pets will love you to the moon and back.

There are always ups and downs in our life journey, and it’s such a beautiful thing when we have “someone” who loves us no matter what happens or what we’ve done or been through.

They often express their love through small gestures like wagging their tails, cuddling with you, licking your face, hand, or feet, and leaning on you. And the lovely thing is they never get bored of that and can do those millions of times a day.

You Can Have Your Own Entertainment Show Watching Them Playing

Have you ever laughed out loud by simply watching your pets doing some stupid thing?

It’s super cute to see them trying to catch a butterfly, running like crazy when they’re hyperactivated, or splashing around in the water. If you have both dogs and cats at home, you will have more fun experiences, especially when they are fighting or when your little puppy wants to annoy their sissy kitten.

A Secured Protection That You Can Ask For

Our paw friends get their reputation as the perfect guardians that protect our house, farms, and livestock for centuries. Even with your friendly puppy pooches, they can even bark at strangers who get close to the door.

Some people train their parrots to say something like “Knock knock,” “guest, guest” when seeing someone at the door.

In some dangerous situations such as fires, snakes, or severe weather conditions like tornadoes, your pets often have some strange behavior to alert their humans about that too.

The Biggest Inspiration For You To Learn

The greatest inspiration you can learn from your pets is the essentiality of enjoying every simple pleasure in your life.

They teach you how to be happy with every small thing that happens around you. They make you want to go out, check out new places, take adventures and explore the world.

Playing with your pets also gives you extra exercises that you need after a long day sitting in front of monitors. And a cuddling time is the perfect chance to recharge your energy and release all the stress suppressed inside. And more importantly, the way they love you helps you boost your self-esteem and feel better with everything, no matter how it will turn out.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Pawsionate Community! We’re thankful for our pets simply because they’re thankful to be with us too. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to share more stories about you and your furry friends. We’re happy to hear them all.

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