How to Get Your Favorite Personalized Products on Pawsionate

Thank you for choosing Pawsionate as a reliable place to purchase your personalized items. If this is your first time here, don’t worry you are on the right track. This blog is to help you guys how to customize your products and some bonus tips and tricks for the best personalized gifts you can get.

Pick Your Favorite Product(s)

At Pawsionate, we provide a wide range of products that can be personalized, so just take your time browsing around until you find the one that hooks your interest.

If you already have in mind what product you want to purchase, you should go right into that category and choose the design you like.

Our best-selling items fall into these categories including T-shirts, Canvas, Coffee Mugs, Pillows, Yard Signs and Flags, and Face mask. And we also categorize products based on pet types including Dogs, Cats, and Farm animals. So take it as a purchasing guideline if you’re still in the fog.

Customize Your Product(s)

Not all the items on the website will have the same customization settings, there will be slightly different options. So here are your steps for each product type.

Apparel (T-shirts)

To make the most proper style for your shirt, you should focus on some of the features provided by Pawsionate.

  • T-shirt types: T-shirt and t-shirt (premium) are all unisex, so it fits every gender. Meanwhile, the women t-shirt is dedicated to female pet lovers, and the youth t-shirt is basically for kids.
  • Size of the t-shirt: depending on the type of shirt you pick, the size often ranges from S to 5XL.
  • Colors of the t-shirt: different shirts will have different choices of colors.
  • A number of pets: how many pets you want to be on the shirt, and it won’t affect the price of the t-shirt.

Pet breed(s) and name(s): pets’ breeds are classified into groups by their initials. You should fill in the name field provided for your pet(s) as well.

Coffee Mugs

All of our coffee mugs’ capacity is about 11oz (325 milliliters).

They come in two basic colors which are white and black. At the moment, black coffee mugs are only available in some designs.

We also have color-changing mugs which will turn from white to black after hot water is added.

To customize your coffee mugs:

  • Choose dog breed by its initial
  • Fill in the dog’s name field
  • Some designs will provide a Woman/Man or Dad/Mom option if they have a person on the mug.

Canvas Prints

With the variety of canvas designs that Pawsionate provides, you won’t need to worry about not finding a suitable one for your home decor.

After picking out your favorite one, here are the steps you need to do to get your most personal canvas:

    • Size of canvas: Depending on the design you pick is landscape or portrait canvas, there are normally 3 different sizes such as 12”x16”, 16”x24”, 16”x20”, for portrait canvas. And 16”x12”, 24”x16”, and 36”x24” for landscape canvas.
  • Style of a subject(s):
    • A canvas has a person(s) on it: Change the person’s skin tone, hairstyle first, and then choose your pet’s breed.
    • A canvas with more than one pet and no person: Pick your pets’ breeds, and provide their names (if that option is available)

Throw Pillows

Pillow customization will have a slight difference among designs. Here’s your guide:

  • Size of pillow: Two common sizes are 12”x12” and 18”x18” for you to match with your couch at home.
  • Style of a subject(s)
    • Design has a person on it: Change the person’s hairstyle, skin tone as your interest first and then the pet’s breed and name.
    • Design with just pet(s): choose the number of pets (if available), pet’s breed, and fill in your pet’s name.

Color of pillow: Some design comes in different colors, don’t forget to pick the one you like.

Yard Signs and Flags

To freshen up your garden, our personalized yard signs and flags are a perfect choice.

Depending on the design you pick, there would be different options for you to customize including:

  • Size of signs/flags: The small size is 12”x18” and the bigger one is 28”x40”
  • Pet customization: Choose your pet(s)’ breed(s) and provide name(s)
  • Names of the house owners or Family names: if your design has those options, don’t forget to fill in those fields.

Fleece Blanket

Yes, even with blankets, you’re still able to customize them according to your favorite. Here are options you need to customize to make it unique and just yours:

  • Blanket size: 30”x40’, 50”x60”, and 60”x80” are three sizes available for you to choose from.
  • Pet customization: Choose the breed of your pet and provide his/her name
  • Person customization: If the blanket design has a person on it, you can change the person’s hairstyle, skin tone, and even shirt color.

Customize Product With Your Own Picture

This is one of our coolest options which allows you to upload your own image and show it on the product.

Just a quick reminder that not all product designs have this option. So you can customize your image only when the option shows in the product customization section.

Note when uploading your pet image:

  • Make sure every part of your pets is in the picture, for example, their ears, or nose.
  • Choose a high-quality image in which your pet is the only subject, accounts for a sufficient portion of the frame, and faces directly to the camera.
  • Don’t use blurred or low-quality images or else the customization result will not meet your expectations.
  • Should choose an image with clear or no background at all.

Tips and Tricks For Your Best Purchasing

  • Always check the size of your product, especially T-shirts or canvas before doing other customizations.
  • If you don’t know your shirt size, right next to the size option, there’s a Size Guide where you can check the length and width of the products.
  • Remember to hit the Preview Your Personalization button to check your design
  • If you want more than one item with the same design, don’t forget to choose the quantity option.
  • Only hit Add to Cart once you are satisfied with the order.
  • After placing your order(s), we will start to print it as your design and send it to the delivery department to send it to you. The estimated time will be around 7-21 business days depending on your location. Thus, we really appreciate your patience.
  • If you have any questions concerning your order, delivery, or payment, please check our FAQs for more details.
  • In case you couldn’t find the answer in our FAQs, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support via email:, or send us direct messages on Pawsionate’s Facebook, or Instagram. We’re happy to help.

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