How to Take Pet Christmas Photos with Family Like A Pro

The holiday season is a great chance to exhibit your photographic "talent" to capture all the most "expensive" moments of your loved ones. And as a pet family, those pictures are even more memorable when you get unexpected expressions from your four-legged friends in the frame.

If you are still not satisfied with your photoshoots of pet Christmas photos last year, let this article ease the pain for you. You'll get all the purrfect suggestions for your photoshoot styles, how to arrange the shooting place, as well as tips to make your paw friends corporate smoothly.

Let's dive in!

Necessary Items:

  • A camera or a smartphone
  • Treats or toys for your dog or cat
  • A tripod (optional)
  • Important one: Your favorite creatures in the world

Paw-some Ideas for Purr-fect Pet Christmas Photos

The most crucial factor to help your family and pet Christmas photo look professional lies in the concept or the style of the photoshoot you want for all of your pictures.

Having a specific concept for your photoshoot will help you pick the makeup, clothes, and accessories if needed.

Funny Style:

Funny pet Christmas photos with family

This is the easy concept that you can apply to your photoshoot this year. You don't need to do so much acting for this style.

All of your family members can show all the silly expressions, jokes around, or even fight each other (in a lovely way, of course). At the same time, the camera auto shoots the photos at set up.

Besides having quality time together, you'll get funny Christmas photos with pets to happily look back at later.

Elegant Style:

Pet Christmas photos with family

To have the perfect elegant owners and pets' Christmas photos, you will need more effort and investment into this style. Everyone's clothes should be a little bit fancier. The background and accessories also need to be mixed and matched.

Compared to other styles, this concept requires more preparation and higher cooperation from everybody in the frame.

Free Style:

Freestyle pet Christmas photos with family

Among all the styles, freestyle is the easiest one to do. You guys feel the moment, be yourself, and have fun during the shooting.

The decoration, preparation, and makeup can be random as well. This is suitable for everyone, especially those who just want easy, simple, and still on a budget.

How To Take Pet Christmas Photo Effectively

How to take pet Christmas photos with family

Choose a Nice Background

Solid color background or studio background is always easier to set up. Still, a real decorated background will work best for the holiday theme like Christmas vibe like this.

Here are some photogenic spots you can locate in your house, including:

  • In front of the fireplace
  • On the Living room couch
  • Around the Christmas tree
  • In front of your house/ or in the backyard

Make sure the place you pick has a good lighting source or lovely natural lights for the best. You can consider using a ring light attached near the camera to support the lightning part if your photo spot can't catch enough light.

Taking pictures in the morning or sunset will help you get some "precious" moments of natural light. If lucky enough, you can create a silhouette effect when shooting against a window.

Get Perfect Wardrobe For All Of You

  • Outfit for Owners and Family members

For Christmas photos with pets, you should wear something that talks the best about the Christmas vibe. Yes, it’s sweatshirts. But not just simple sweatshirts, they should be personalized sweatshirts featuring your pets.


  • Outfit for Pets

If you want some extra, wearing clothes for your pets is totally fine. But if you just want them to have some highlights for the photo, accessories like bandanas for dogs would be great.

They make your dogs look more attractive but at the same time comfortable enough for them to be as fun as they want during the photoshoot.

Set Up Your Camera

Using a tripod or putting your phone on something that it can lean on will help you take pictures requiring a wider angle or nice steady background.

You can order a tripod on Amazon or get it from any market like Walmart, Target, or Meijer. They still do a decent job of holding your camera or smartphone steady to a certain level, from the cheap to the expensive ones.

Selfie is also a great way to create a genuine feeling and closeness. You, a person with long arms or whoever sits at a "right" angle, can hold the smartphone and take pictures for everyone.

Say "Cheese," Everybody!

Getting everyone's attention to the camera is kind of tricky, especially when taking pictures with your furry friends.

Arrange everyone in the position like a V shape or half circle. Kids can sit in the front row with pets and gift boxes while you and adults sit in the back row.

To help your pets look straight to the camera, you need to have something to grab their attention. It's when all your pets' favorite toys are brought into effect.

Hang your pet's favorite toys near the place where your camera is placed. You can try holding your pets in your arms and gently arm their attention to the camera with everyone.

Share Your Favorite Pictures To The Wold


  • Upload on your social media like Facebook or Instagram to show to the world about your beautiful moment this Christmas.
  • Attend to some Pet Photo Contest online.
  • Use photo for persoanlized product like mug, blanket or t-shirts.
  • Turn your photo into a masterpiece of art by customizing it with personalized canvas.
  • Print them out and tape to one side of your Christmas greeting cards.


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