Have You Ever Bought a Dog Online?

Yes, before judging me, I love dogs and I did research carefully beforehand when I decided to purchase a dog online. Because of the covid and the area of where I live, it's the only option for me at that time if I want to have a little companion.

Feeling so lonely and stuck at home because of the pandemic, I accidentally saw an advertisement of a pet shop selling dogs when I'm surfing the web. I was shocked at first. I worry about the health issues that may arise when they ship those poor little 4-paws around the country.

But after long research, reading all the reviews of people who actually buy from the shop, I have a conversation with the shop owners. And she spends one and a half hours explaining to me her working system and gives me a lot of choices. I get tempted already. I confirmed my order with a baby Chihuahua and 3 packs of food for him.

purchase a dog online

No need to say how much Blue lightens up my life. He brings so many joys to my life. Trying to find where he is to not accidentally step on him is my task every day. Whenever I take Blue outside, I have to prepare the answer for all the questions from my neighbors or even any strangers about how small he is, how cute he is and how I should feed him more to make him get bigger faster. My life gets busier with him.

I love spending my time with him. Someone says that “dogs are the best therapists in the world,” and I couldn’t agree more. All of my anxiety and depression with the quarantine and work seems nothing when I’m around Blue. If you’re hesitant to get one, I would super highly recommend you getting a pet to share your journey with.

celebrate Christmas with my dog

For our first Christmas together, I ordered personalized ornaments with my favorite photo of Blue on it. It turned out way better than I expected. The quality is on point and his picture is still the highlight of the ornament.

Get a pet and you can proudly show him to the world that you’re having the best companion, friend, therapist, and even a trouble maker in the world just like what I have with Blue. :)

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