Fun Holiday Activities To Do With Your Pets

holiday activities to do with pets

Finally, we are in the last days of a not-so-great year. No matter how many ups and downs you have to go through over the year, you still can consider yourself lucky when always having your furry friends by your side. Pets are gifted with the power to bring us together, especially on occasions like the end-of-the-year holidays. That’s probably all we need.

This year you and your pets may celebrate Christmas differently than usual since traveling and gathering in a large group are pretty sticky at this moment. But it doesn’t mean that you and your paw friends couldn’t spend holidays fascinatingly. We’ve found plenty of activities where your guys can have fun together. And here’s a list of our favorites.

Build A Snowman

Wintertime would pass by so boring without a presence of a snowman in front of your house. Instead of sitting at the window and looking outside, feeling down about the weather, you and your pet can jump out on the snow and play a real game.

Throwing snowballs at each other, burring yourself in the snow will improve your mood a lot, particularly when seeing the happy face of your 4-legged friends.

When you try to roll the snow into a large ball, your dogs will definitely want to give you a hand. After you build a quiet snowman body, you can ask your dog to go pick out two great dried branches to make a snowman’s hands.

This is also quality time for all your family members. Making memories on holidays leaves a significant impact on your beloved ones and may go with them for the rest of their life. To have something to remember and talk about when time pass by would be so precious.

build a snowman with your dogs

Running In The Park or Wood

You don’t want to spend the holiday just staying inside the house. Going outside for a run can help you revive your energy and refresh your mind for the whole busy year.

If running in the park seems so usual to you since you have already done that several times, changing the location to the wood will bring more joy than you may expect.

Take your pup with you and free yourself when running in the wood. As a saying “And into the forest I go. To lost my mind and to find my soul.”

This is the perfect time for you to think back about what’s been done and what’s still been on your note and wishing list. And never feel alone when right beside you that furry friends are more than happy to have another quality time with their owner.

running in the wood with your dogs

Baking Favorite Cakes Together

Cookies or pumpkin pie brighten up the holiday atmosphere in the most delicious way. Baking time is actually a relaxing time where you learn or show your baking skill to make the best (at least to you) sweet treat for both you and your paw friends.

Choose one favorite cookie recipe for you and another one for your pets, and together you guys can have a little fun in the kitchen. Instead of throwing a snowball, sprinkling flour to dogs or cats and laughing at their silly faces would make your day even better.

For your special fur buddy, you can choose those cake recipes just for pets. There will be some restrictions on the ingredients allowed to put in their cake, such as chocolate, grapes, or cherry. You should take note of those things before starting the process with your paw babies.

baking cake with cats

Having Breakfast Together

Enjoy your peaceful morning with your sunshine pawties helps you gain a more paw-sitive vibe and fresh your energy for a new day even better. Having a purr-fect coffee with a personalized coffee mug featuring your pet's face and eating breakfast with your paw buddies are maybe the most lovely thing you can do on holidays.

Turn on the radio, or play your morning-vibe playlist, and tell your dogs or cats or even both about how you feel recently, what you plan to do today, and ask them how much they want to participate with you. Those little small things may be too pricey on other days when you’re floored with all the works and social relationships that a long-kiss goodbye to your pet even seems impossible.

That’s why you should take advantage of the holiday vacations and probably live slower. Enjoy every single moment in your normal life with your best companion in the world.

having breakfast with pets

Snuggling And Watching Movies

Since you have more time off thanks to the holidays, let indulge yourself. Let yourself be lazy, and do whatever you feel comfortable with. It can even mean lying on the couch all day, being covered under lovely fleece blanket, snuggling your pets, and watching favorite movies together.

I mean, why not? Right? More than anyone, you deserve some “quality” time where you can leave aside all the anxiety, arguments, task, and even responsibilities that you’ve been carrying for a whole year, and let the very last days pass by slowlier and more peacefully.


Merry Christmas, Everyone! May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter!


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