Best Family Halloween Movies to Watch with Pets

Laying down on a couch and watching scary movies on late nights at the end of October is one simple yet exciting traditional activity of the Halloween season.

And that moment would be more precious if you share it with your family members, lovers, and especially, your furry friends. Hence, movies that feature pets will be suitable for everyone in the room.

Let’s get on your favorite pajamas, prepare some popcorn, drinks, and cover with a personalized Halloween blanket and check out our list of the best family Halloween movies to watch with your pets this Halloween.

1. Scaredy Cat

scaredy cat movie

If you want a little warm-up for everybody to prepare before enjoying the movie night, Scaredy Cat won’t disappoint you. This is the world’s first horror movie for cats, so it brings a totally refreshed wind for this Halloween movie list.

Even though it is just 4-minute long, this short film delivers enough of the spooky theme of Halloween season as well as demonstrates exactly the cuteness and curiosity of cats in general.

2. Spooky Buddies

spooky buddies movie

This is one of the most famous and popular Halloween movies to watch with dogs when this time of the year comes.

Let’s follow the Golden Retriever siblings trying to race against the no-good hound and stop an “evil hoo-man” who’s planning to destroy the world.

You and your besties will have a fun time watching those talking puppies arguing, and chasing around in a cute yet hilarious way ever.

3. The Dog Who Saved Halloween

the dog who saved halloween movie

This comedy movie is another great choice for your Halloween movie night. It talks about the “smart” talking dog and his family who decided to investigate the house next door after seeing suspicious sounds and strange lights coming from it. They never know they are hooked into a spooky adventure waiting ahead.

Some shirt-down scenes and jokes are considered inappropriate for kids. So make sure you check carefully beforehand if you don’t want your kid to watch those.

4. Scooby-Doo: The Movie

scooby-doo the movie

Scooby-Doo is a childhood friend of a lot of us, and the human version of Scooby-Doo is worth your shot for Halloween movie lists.

The movie brings all the hilarious, adventurous, goofy, action-packing moments for your Halloween movie night perfectly. Plus, this version is suitable for you, your kids, and your little buddy to enjoy as well.

5. I Am Legend

i am legend movie

For a long time, Will Smith is like a guarantee for any movie quality. And according to his interviews, he admitted that “I Am Legend” is one of the films he is proud of the most.

You should prepare for scary moments, and even tissues, because for sure, this movie will take some of your tears. With the message and the top-notch acting skill of the main characters, this movie is definitely a “yes” on your Halloween movie list to watch with pets.

6. Isle of Dog

isle of dog movie

The “Isle of Dog” will bring a total new breeze to your experience with a stop-motion style. A lot of dog lovers believe that this movie is one of the best dog movies of all time.

Different from other scary films on the list, this movie brings several hidden profound messages on the journey of a little young boy searching for his beloved dog.

The movie has a mixed theme with Japanese culture based on the event of the outbreak of strange canine flu affecting all dogs in Japan, and making them be banished into a Trash land (isle of dog).

7. Frankenweenie

frankenweenie movie

Released in 2012, but Tim Burton decided to make a Black and White 3D motion as a theme for this movie instead of colorful style like other movies in the same genre.

Thanks to this sophisticated choice, it marks a bold impression on the story of Victor, a boy who tries to save his Bull Terrier Spark back to life after he gets hit by a car. A lot of unexpected events that happen during the journey will be thrilling enough for your Halloween movie night.

Let’s Help You And Your Family Warm on Halloween Night

Gathering together in the living room, all covering up under a blanket, and watching horror movies is the best memory you want to make for every Halloween season.

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