5 Fantastic Websites For Dog Lovers and A Sweet Bonus

Owning a dog has definitely shifted your life in a better way than you’ve ever expected. Somehow training, caring, or even petting a dog can be easier to some dog owners. But turns out kind of, even extremely hard to others, especially, those first-time dog parents. Actually, learning how to be a good dog dad or a dog mom drags you to a whole new and interesting field where you’ll learn and receive a lot of useful lessons.

Hence, the following 5 websites for dog lovers will give you all the information, stories, tips, and even essential supplies you need for being a better dog owner, especially if you’re a soon-to-be dog parent.

1. ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

ASPCA is the first non-profit and humane rescue society in North America. Since 1866, over 150 years with the mission of fighting against animal cruelty, the organization has become one of the biggest organizations in the world.

American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals

Henry Bergh, founder of ASPCA stated “All animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment and must be protected under the law.”

On this website, you will get updated news relating to animals in the form of rescuing, adopting, training from the organizations or all the animal lovers in the country. If you want to contribute to the community and help thousands of dogs still in danger out there, this site is a great place for you to get involved.

All of your contributions to the organization’s fundraising, or donation will play a fantastic impact on maintaining and developing its noble mission.

2. AKC (American Kennel Club)

This is one of the greatest websites for dog lovers or animal lovers in general. With all the useful information on this website, you’ll learn more about the history of all dog breeds such as their origin, how they made it to the map and so much more.

American kennel club

AKC, a non-profit organization, established in 1886 with main goals are to protect canine’s health, well-being, dog owners' rights, along with raising responsibility awareness of dog ownership.

This is also the only official organization in America being in charge of registering dog breeds. It highly supports purebreds and promotes the sport of purebred dogs.

The website provides all you need about how to pet a dog such as essential information about your dog’s breed, training lessons, entertainment with their TV program, and sports or events as well.

If you want to become a thoughtful, and knowledgeable dog lover, you shouldn’t miss this one.

3. Adopt - A - Pet

Adopting a dog is one of the most beautiful we can do to our little poor 4-legged friends. To support that meaningful gesture, Adopt-A-Pet, the largest non-profit pet adoption established.

Adopt a pet

The beauty of this website is that you are able to get the specific information of a dog you want to adopt right in your local area. The website has contact with all the local rescues and shelters around the states facilitating the adoption, especially to reach more pets and potential families.

Besides information about adoption and its process, you also see a lot of useful pet care tips and a great community of pet lovers all over the world.

If you are about to get a dog or want a new friend for your pet at home, you’ll need to check out this website to see whether you can save another lovely life.

4. A Pet Collective TV

If Discovery is too wide for you, the Pet Collective TV will narrow it down to just about pet’s lives as well as their daily activities and stories.

This is a great website in terms of entertainment for dog lovers. You will have a pleasant time with your family and your four-paw friend on the couch watching all the trending clips, funny memes, and amazing animal videos.

You can also subscribe to its Youtube and Facebook page to get more updated short clips on those social media platforms. They also claim to broadcast the greatest collection of live feeds 24/7 on YouTube, so take advantage of it and enjoy your “pet-ertainment” time whenever or wherever you want.

5. Chewy

Since our shopping habits change a lot with the current situation of the world, online shopping becomes indispensable to our life. And that is also right in terms of shopping for our dogs.

A lot of dog owners feel frustrated when there are tons of online pet stores on the Internet and who knows which one of them is a scam. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to introduce you to Chewy. A bright candidate in the list of websites for dog lovers.


Several reputation dogs’ websites recommend Chewy when talking about pet supplies. You will find thousands of brands in the store which facilitate you to try better products for your pet.

From food, treats, toys to other pets’ supplies are provided neatly on the website. You can also reach out to their 24/7 help center in case of any questions or concerns that arise when shopping.

And Here Your Sweet Bonus - Pawsionate

Our life would be so boring without gifts. Whether it is for a special occasion, or just for no reason, a gift is always a meaningful way to express our love to the recipient.

At Pawsionate, we believe that our pet lovers, or dog lovers in specific, deserve to receive the most unique and finest gifts featuring their favorite pet on it.


With the ideas of personalization products, Pawsionate facilitates you to customize your products with your pet’s clipart, picture, name, and even your name effortlessly.

Providing almost every dog breed and cat breed in America, Pawsionate ensures anything you want to have with your pet will be there on the website.

You can get yourself or your pet lovers a cool personalized t-shirt, a unique custom coffee mug, personalized flags, and yard signs, or even personalized blankets and pillows.

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