10 Purr-Fect Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day

August 8th is international cat day, and this date shouldn’t go unnoticed. Cats are some of the closest friends a man can have, and to dedicate at least one day a year to them is the least we can do!

Knowing how hard it is to make such a day special, we decided to tell you about our top 10 favorite ways to celebrate the international cat day.

If you’re interested in finding some amazing ideas to make this day even more special, we recommend you keep reading and see what we have in store for you.

Who knows, maybe there’s a paw-sibility you find a special activity to enjoy with your pet!

1. Presents

Who doesn’t love presents? Your cat certainly does! If there’s a paw-sibility to buy your cat some new toys such as cat teasers or a ball of wool, that would be a fantastic way of showing your love and affection towards your pet.

Besides, toys you buy for your cat this year have good chances of surviving until next year! So, you can start a collection of toys you buy for your furry friend every year on the 8th of August!

2. Tuna Cookies

Tuna cookies are one of the most awesome ways to surprise your cat on international cat day. Homemade treats are always a better option since you know what you’re putting into them and don’t have to worry about what your cat’s ingesting.

There are a ton of phenomenal recipes for tuna cookies that you can make in about half an hour at home, but if you’d like our recommendation, check out this recipe, and you won’t regret it!

3. Quality Time

Spending quality time with your pet should be regular, but we understand that obligations have no sense of quality time. That’s why you should strive to find and take time out of your day, at least on the 8th, to spend exclusively with your cat(s).

What you’ll do in this time is completely up to you - playing with new toys, giving them treats, or even going on a walk is an amazing way to spend quality time with your pet.

4. Cat Party

Throwing parties are reserved exclusively for humans. If you know a few (or a lot) of people who own cats, it’d be a phenomenal way to socialize your cat and make an event that’ll make it hard to forget this international cat day.

Baking tuna cookies, creating play tunnels and hiding places, and letting the cats play while you spend quality time with both them and the other cat parents is a stunning option for this August the 8th!

5. Cat Photographer

Believe it or not, there are photographers that specialize in taking some of the most beautiful pictures and portraits of your pet.

Hiring one to take a few pics of your furry friend would be paw-some since you can then turn those pictures into physical copies and hang them in a designated area for your pet.

6. New Wall Shelves

Hanging new wall shelves or even making hiding places and play tunnels are such positive experiences for your cat. Playing in their new environment will serve as an endless supply of fun for them, as well as for you.

You can let your imagination run free and make these shelves or entertaining terrain as complex or as simple as you’d like. Trust us - your cat will love it!

7. Outside Time

Cats rarely spend time outside. Their adventurous spirit can lead them away from you, and they can easily get lost. But fortunately, there are multiple ways to prevent this from happening while allowing your pet to experience the outside world that they enjoy observing every day through the windows.

Getting your cat a cat leash will solve most of your problems, but if you decide to go with this idea, just be patient with your cat and give it enough time to adapt to the new environment. Nevertheless, it will be a fantastic experience for them.

8. Training

You can train your cats to do new tricks and even use the tuna cookies that you’ve potentially made to reward them. Cats love to learn new tricks, and teaching them some while stimulating them with their favorite treat is a fantastic way to spend quality time with them.

9. Donate To Cat Shelters

Cat shelters all over the country have a problem with resources, so regardless of if you’re a cat parent or not and you’d just like to participate, you can donate blankets, water, food, or even money to cat shelters to make the lives of the cats that live there much more enjoyable.

10. Volunteer At Your Local Cat Shelter

Similar to the previous suggestion, if you’d like to contribute to your local cat community, after spending a couple of high-quality hours with your cat, you can volunteer at a cat shelter and spend time with cats that haven’t found their permanent home yet. Giving back to your cat community is one of the most rewarding things you can do!

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