How to Pick The Best Cat Food Bowls

Amazingly, how we feed our cats is as important as what we feed them. We often underestimate one of the small items that our cats use on a daily basis, which often affects their overall health and behaviors. Yes, the matter that we’re talking about here is cat bowls.

Cat bowls seem to be a very simple item that you can buy at any pet shop with a variety of choices and prices. Unfortunately, not every cat owner understands the importance of cat bowls’ quality and how to pick the best cat bowls.

This article will help you learn more about ways to feed your cat better and avoid underlying health problems by picking up the right bowl for your cats.

How Do Cat Bowls Affect Cats’ Health?

The wrong cat bowls size will lead to the wrong portion of food for them. Cat owners will give different amounts of food depending on their cats’ age and size. However, there are a lot of situations, cat owners pick the wrong food bowl size for their cats and pour more than enough portions of their meal.

Vice versa, even when their cats grow up, owners sometimes just keep the old bowl they bought since kitty time and let their junior or even senior cats eat in that. In the long term, it’s sure to affect cats’ normal development process.

In addition, cat owners just provide one bowl for their cats. It means there’s only one bowl for either food or water. No need to mention the sanitizing quality of the bowl, but it’s inconvenient for cats, especially if they need food and water at the same time. Even worse, some owners forget to put water after feeding their cats. Then, the cats have to suffer thirst for who knows how long until it catches the owner’s attention.

So having just one bowl for cats instead of two separate bowls, which is one for food and one for water, will lead to some hygiene-related health problems and even affect cats’ digestive systems.

It’s time for cat owners to look more carefully at how to pick the right bowls for their cats’ health sake.

How to Pick The Best Cats’ Food Bowls

Here are some tips and suggestions for cat owners to find out which bowl is best for their cat and how to use them accurately.

Avoid Plastic Bowl

plastic cat food bowls

It’s easy to find plastic cat bowls at every pet shop. The very one and only advantage of a plastic cat food bowl is its inexpensiveness. The material is cheap and diverse in style. However, its quality and safety are always at the alarm level.

The problem with plastic bowls comes from their scratches. Over time, no matter how thick the plastic is, or how good manners your cat is when eating, scratches will appear. That’s a perfect place to breed bacteria, one of the main reasons causing cat acne.

Moreover, you can never fully clean a plastic bowl. It only smoothes the surface, all the dust and bacteria in the small scratches are extremely hard to remove. Also, some chemicals in plastic like BPA, or other toxins may leach into cat food and cause digestive problems or even poisoning.

It’s time to throw your cat plastic bowl away and look for more reliable and safer material ones.

Ceramic Cat Food Bowl

Ceramic cat food bowls are highly recommended by a lot of owners in the cat community. Compared to plastic bowls, ceramic bowls are heavier, which is more suitable for households of “hyperactivity” cats.

Just slightly more expensive than plastic bowls but the quality and safety of ceramic are undoubted. The material of ceramic helps remove the smell entirely, without leaving any unpleasant odors leading to turning your cats off with food.

In some cases, ceramic cat bowls are also easy to heat up with microwaves, helping your job of feeding them become simpler than ever.

A bonus tip for cat owners that you can order a personalized cat food bowl at Pawsionate effortlessly. All of their personalized cat bowls are high-quality white ceramic bowls. You are able to choose different sizes of bowls based on your cat’s size and needs. Along with that, your cat name and breed are available to customize as well.

A perfect choice for a very personal and safe cat bowl for your strict “queens” or “kings” at home.

Sold out

Stainless Steel Bowl

stainless steel cat food bowls

Among all the choices, stainless steel is the best one. Stainless steel bowls help to prevent bacteria from building up day by day. Its durable and high-temperature endurance is spot on. With a good stainless steel bowl, you don’t have to worry so much about accidentally dropping it to the floor, or breakable bowl, especially to all clumsy cat owners like us.

The only minus of stainless steel is its price. It’s the most expensive bowl, and often not coming with a lot of choices in styles. But if you’re looking for a simple, durable, and safe bowl for your cat, you can definitely consider buying a stainless steel one. Meanwhile, if you want to make your cat eating station more lively and colorful, think about personalized ceramic cat food bowls.

Let’s Upgrade Your Cat Food Bowls

Till this point, you can figure out for yourself whether your cat food bowls at home affect your 4-paw friend's health or eating habits or not. If it does, it’s time for you to change the old bowl to a new, better, and more health-friendly one for your cat.

Whether choosing ceramic cat bowls or stainless steel ones, they are all best for your cat, just remember to remove plastic ones from your list. With ceramic bowls, you can even upgrade it to a higher level. Getting a personalized ceramic cat bowl at a very reasonable price for a special day like your cat’s birthday can surprise your little friend in a very fun way. Or go with a stainless steel bowl if you know you are the main one who breaks your cat’s bowl in the house.

Just a last reminder that at Pawsionate, you not only find the cutest personalized cat bowls but any other personalized cat-related products and gifts as well. Don’t hesitate, take a tour now.

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