Halloween Safety Tips: Better Treat than Trick with Your Pets

We hope you are enjoying the festive season and celebrating it in style. It's a time to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, share some treats with friends and family, and make merry with loved ones.
Despite how fun it can be for people, from pumpkins to costumes, it can be very stressful for your pets. It's important to remember that not all pets understand what's going on at this time of year. The smells and sights are unusual, which can cause significant stress in pets.
Here are 7 tips to protect your pet for a successful and memorable Halloween.

1. Watch Out for Candy Capers

Chocolate: Pet parents might love chocolate, but this sweet treat is poisonous to dogs due to the theobromine found in it. Theobromine is a substance found in cocoa which can make dogs sick if they eat too much. This chemical is similar in structure to caffeine and distorts the heart's electrical signals and can even cause seizures or death.

Sugar-free candy: The FDA recently issued a warning about xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many foods from sugar-free candies to peanut butter. Dogs ingesting the substance can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure or death.

Caramel apples: Caramel contains a type of cyanide called prussic acid that can make pets very sick. The problem is that the seeds inside of caramel and candy apples also contain cyanides and can make the pet ill too. If you're going to treat your pet, try something else!

Macadamia nuts: These nuts are highly toxic to dogs and eating even a small amount can cause weakness, tremors and lethargy in dogs. Please keep these nuts away from your pets at all times!

If your pets accidentally consume a certain amount of chocolate, they will suffer serious symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or rapid breathing. You should notice any strange signs from your pets, and check whether they eat your candy and how much they already take to have in-time treatment.

Hence, the first notice in Halloween safety tips for pets is to get candy bags far away or put them in a place where your pets canโ€™t reach to make sure they wonโ€™t get any of that.

2. Choose a Comfy Costume

You want to avoid choosing a costume that restricts movement or breathing and make sure it fits properly so your pet can wear it comfortably. It should also be lightweight so they can enjoy a great time outdoors in the cool weather.

Before the big night, double-check the costume for any loose buttons or embellishments that your pet could tear off and swallow.

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3. Ensure Decorations Are Safely Placed

Get the Electric Decorations Far Away Petโ€™s Reach. Safety for your pets is pretty similar to your baby. Any electric decorations that may be in the way of your pets normally walk by you should consider putting them elsewhere.

Your pet can even chew those electric cores and may cause electric shock. Some may get choked because of swallowing small plastic pieces.

4. Keep your pet inside on Halloween night.

On Halloween night, as is customary, a large number of children and their parents will walk down the street to trick-or-treat. The number of people on the street may overwhelm your pets. Combining their weird and scary makeup will terrify your pets also.

Furthermore, the Halloween theme of darkness and terror may not suit every pet's characteristics. As a result, keeping your pet indoors and limiting his chances of running outside is one of the best Halloween safety tips for both physical and mental protection.

5. Keep Anxious Pets Calm During Activity

Halloween stress is one of the most common concerns for both dogs and cats. As trick-or-treaters arrive, the doorbell may ring incessantly. This type of behavior might be confusing and frightening to your pets.

The safest option for your pet is to provide it with a private safe zone. Turning on music or the TV can help mask the sounds of the doorbell ringing, and some of the unusual noises associated with Halloween festivities.

6. Keep Raw Pumpkin and Corn out of Pet's Reach

Pumpkins and corn are traditional Halloween decorations. Without them, your party would be less entertaining. However, to your pets, the new decorations appear to be new toys. They will become curious and want to play with them.

Chewing on raw pumpkin or corn is dangerous to their health. Pets may experience gastrointestinal upset when eating anything different from their usual diet. Worse, if they eat large portions of pumpkin or corn, they will develop intestinal blockage.

7. Be Aware of Glow Stick

Because Halloween is best celebrated in the dark, many people choose to use glow sticks to make light.

It is, however, another object that should be kept out of reach of pets. Fortunately, the liquid inside glow sticks is non-toxic; but eating it is not a pleasant experience for your pet. If your pets accidentally swallow a substantial amount of the liquid from glow sticks, they may drool or even vomit.

To clear the substance from their mouth, make sure they drink extra water or eat some pet treats.

Halloween is a fun and whimsical start to the holiday season, but it can be confusing, frightening, and dangerous for your pet. Fortunately, it is possible to take just a few simple steps to make the holiday fun and safe for all.

We wish you and your pet a happy and safe Halloween!

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