Can Dogs Eat Mango?

can dogs eat mango

Summer is coming, and it’s also a great season for all of our favorite fruits. Mango is one of the tastiest and most healthy fruit for humans. But you may wonder, “Can dogs eat mango?” Fortunately, mango is safe for dogs and can replace dog biscuits as a more natural source of nutritious snacks.

Is Mango Safe For Dogs?

Thanks to its fresh sweetness, mango is also high in fiber and easy to eat. You don’t have to worry about your dog not liking it since dogs love sweet treats in general. Besides being tasty, mango contains many nutrients good for dogs’ health.

  • Due to the yellow-orange color of the fruit, mango contains antioxidants like beta-carotene, which helps fight free radicals.
  • Mango is a juicy vitamin source with vitamins B6, C, E, and A. Those are such essential nutrients for a dog's growth and its skin.
  • A small amount of mango can also help with an upset tummy, diarrhea, and constipation.
mango is good for dogs

When Is Mango Bad For Dogs?

Mango will turn into a dangerous snack if you let your dog eat the whole mango without your supervision.

Although the mango skin is edible, it’s often challenging for dogs to digest. The same with mango pits. That part hardly breaks down into small pieces; hence your dog may choose to swallow a whole pit. Several cases relating to choking in dogs were reported due to eating a mango without being cut into smaller pieces and removing the pit.

How To Feed Mango To Dogs

Dogs can eat mango as long as you feed them correctly. The amount of mango in the dog diet differs in dog sizes. Here are some simple ways to make sure your dog can safely enjoy this healthy and delicious fruit.

  • Peel out the skin of the mango to make sure it won’t cause a problem for your dogs when eating the fruit.
  • Remove the pit, which can become a choking hazard leading to several dangerous health issues if left untreated.
  • Cut mango into small cube pieces. The size of chunks can be bigger or smaller, depending on your dog size.
  • Serve the fresh mango chunks as a snack or training treats. Freeze the chunks in the fridge and treat your dog on a hot summer day. You can also sprinkle some pieces on dog regular food for tastier.
can dogs eat mango

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can dogs eat dried mango?

- The answer is yes, but not recommended. Even though dogs can eat dried mango, the amount of sugar and calories in dried mango will not be good for your dog's health, especially their teeth. Plus, the nutrients in fresh mango are way more than dried ones, so it’d be better to feed your dog fresh mango only.

  • Can dogs drink mango juice?

- Fruit juice, in general, contains a high amount of sugar, along with artificial coloring and preservatives, which are totally not healthy for your dog. However, you can make squeezed fresh juice and let your dog have a sip. It, in fact, is good for them.

  • How many mangoes can I feed my dog?

- You shouldn’t feed your dog more than a quarter of a cup and only feed that amount once a week. For bigger breeds, they can have that sever twice a week.

  • Can dogs eat chopped mango skin and pit?

- No! Even though you cut the skin and pit into smaller pieces, they are still hard to chew and digest. Your dog may even suffer upset stomach, vomiting, and intestinal blockage due to eating those parts of the mango.

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