5 Fun Halloween Party Games for Pets

As a pet lover, there’ll be a big lack if there aren’t any activities for your pets and your friends’ pets to play on special occasions. Add to your list one more plan for this holiday with a night for Halloween party games for pets.

If you don’t know which games are suitable for them, you should check out our suggestion in this article. With the 5 fun Halloween party games below, everyone will have a memorable time enjoying a wonderful Halloween night together.

Let’s get started!

Pet Halloween Costume Contest

halloween games for pets - costume contest

It wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes. It’s the time everyone wants to show off their unique clothes, and your pets are not exceptions.

Using paper cups to make a path where your candidates can walk. And pet parents keep them in line and let each of them walk on the red path in turn. You can pick two to three friends who don’t have their pets in the contest to be the judges.

Who can walk properly and wear the most impressive costumes will win a big bone or special treats that you prepared ahead.

In case your pet or any of them don’t want to wear a costume. You guys may need to check out our personalized bandana for dogs to make it the perfect alternative option for this Halloween.

Trick for Treats

halloween games for pets - treat for trick

A Halloween night would be so boring without the Trick or Treat sound all over the street. People will be questioned if this game isn’t on your Halloween party game list as well.

So let's update it a little to match with your pet Halloween party theme. It’s a great chance for you and other pet parents to show off what their pets have learned so far.

Again, each parent and pet will give the chance to show their special treat. Whichever couple can do the most unique and interesting one will get a surprise reward treat for both.

Hunting Hidden Treasures

halloween games for pets - hunting treasures

Among other games, this may be the one that pets are interested in the most because hunting for yummy treats is their strong point. Hiding treats around the house or yard, where you know it’s safe, free of valuable items, and break-free.

To make this more interesting, hide the treasures in more difficult places to find, so that the pet parents can join in the game and help their pets too. At the end of the day, everybody gets a chance to exercise for good.

Bobbing for Treats

Bobbing for Apple remains popular with kids for every Halloween season. To your little furry friends, try new ideas of changing apples to some chews or bones, and maintain the same concept of the game. It will be more fun and fit the pet-themed Halloween party games.

You also need to check with other pets’ parents about the condition of their pets before letting them enter the game. Pets that are on a special diet, easy to get aggressive, shouldn’t attend the game.

Dog Agility Contest

dog agility

Opening a small-scale agility competition as a Halloween party game this year will bring new excitement for both pets and their parents.

Take advantage of any available items at home such as cups, books, brooms, chairs, or even your hula hoops to create some real deal obstacles for the race.

You can create a zigzag path by arranging paper cups for dogs to run through. Hanging the hula hoops on a certain high and letting your dogs jump through it is another interesting challenge to test their agility.

For your dogs' safety, make sure you create the set on the grass ground in your yard, or on the clean ground where there are no dangerous objects that can injure your dogs.

Make This Year Halloween Party Games Bold And Sweet

Hopefully, with the list of Halloween party games, we suggested above, you’ll have an amazing Halloween season with your friends, family, and especially, your four-legged friends.

Preparing Halloween games for pets does not require a lot of expensive materials or complicated setups. As long as the game is suitable for your pets and brings joy to everyone, then it’s a successful party.

And having a personalized pet flag or metal sign hanging in the front yard will impress the pet-themed Halloween party even more to your guests and neighbors. With that, from the outside to the inside, you complete the Halloween decoration vibe wonderfully.

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