Heart-Warming Dog Memorial Gifts - They May Be Gone But Never Forgotten

It’s never easy saying the final goodbye while clinging to the memories from the past and relying on them to keep us going.
But, you don’t have to do that - nobody does. There are certain items that help keep the memory of a lost pet that was beside us for years.
Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most beautiful, heart-warming dog memorial gifts that will help any dog owner cope with their grief and remember their beloved pet for many years.
If you know somebody who has lost their dog recently, these memorial gifts will most certainly help them remember their missing pet, and you’ll make them feel a bit better about their loss.
Let’s jump into the list and see which dog memorial gifts are the most suitable for this kind of unfortunate event.


T-shirts are some of the most popular presents in these unfortunate situations. When an owner has just lost their dog, they want to remember that beloved pet as frequently as possible. That’s why every time they put on one of these tees, they’ll be reminded of how much of a good boy their dog was.

This tee will most definitely cause a tear or two the first time the recipient sees it. It’s a simple grey T-shirt with a heartbeat design that ends up forming a heart. Besides, there is a dog with angel wings, and the name of the dear departed furry friend with the option of adding its name at the bottom.

Lastly, the T-shirt says: “The moment your heart stopped, mine changed forever”. This is a sentence that any dog owner that has had a dog pass away sadly can relate to since we all know that losing a dog is also losing a piece of your soul. The fact that this tee is customizable means the world since it’ll help the owner feel special and unique while wearing this piece of clothing.

This detail really makes a difference when it comes to a grieving soul, and anyone that has departed from their dog will most definitely value this T-shirt like no other. This is a perfect way of helping your friend grieve and cope with their loss, so remember this T-shirt when an unfortunate event arises.

Speaking of heart-warming gifts, this is probably one of the most emotional T-shirts you’ll ever see. It’s a simple grey design, accompanied by some of the most powerful words a dog owner can think of when it comes to their beloved pet.

The words say: “You were my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye" and these words are as emotional as they are because they’re true. When a person gets a new pet, it’s one of the most loving moments ever.

But, when it’s time to say “goodbye” to an old friend, it comes as a burden that no human should ever feel. It’s hard to say the final goodbye, and we’re well aware of that. To make it even more emotional, the picture on the T-shirt shows an owner and their dog with angel wings sitting on a cloud and looking at beautiful colors.

The names of both the owner and the pet are customizable, which brings this tee on a whole nother level when it comes to personalized gifts - and that’s exactly what’s needed in moments of grief such as when someone lost a beloved pet.



Ornaments are a meaningful gift for any occasion, even a sad one like losing a pet. Holidays are a special time in everyone’s lives, and going through a first couple without a furry friend is bound to be heartbreaking. Here are some dog memorial gifts that may make it easier for owners who recently lost their dogs to go through holidays easier.

As we’ve said, ornaments are a great way to help a friend cope with a pet’s parting during holidays. This beautiful ornament shows a dog wearing a Santa Claus hat, a red scarf, and angel wings on his back.

In the background, you can see a vivid rainbow, and below the doggo, you’ll see a distinct bridge. This is the famous “rainbow bridge” that all dogs cross when they pass on. Our dogs have been there while we were decorating the Christmas tree and baking gingerbread cookies (trying to get to one while we’re not watching) so gifting this to a friend that’s just lost their pet might make it easier for them to go through the upcoming holidays.

Not to forget, there’s a beautiful message on the bottom that says: “[Dog Name], If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever” accompanied by two paw prints on each side. If dogs could live off of love, they could live forever, and we all know that.

But, sadly, that’s not how things work, and we all must part ways with our beloved pets. Alas, this Christmas ornament just might make it a bit easier decorating the first Christmas tree without their four-legged friend.

This ornament features a rainbow rim that really lights up this ornament. In the middle, you’ll find a Christmas tree and a happy doggo in front of it with a Christmas hat and a red scarf. The background is in the perfect Christmas colors of green with red and white details.

To top it all off, there’s a meaningful and heart-warming message on the bottom that reads: “[dog’s name] We wish the rainbow bridge had visiting hours” which shows how much the owners miss their little pupper and that they’d like to see him once in a while, even if it meant just visiting.

This is truly a spectacular gift that will make all ongoing holidays easier for everyone that has lost a pet recently!



We all know conventional ways of grieving don’t work for everybody. So, if you don’t think that any of these heart-warming dog memorial gifts will work for an owner that has recently lost their dog, we have a bonus gift that might work.

This is a canvas that can be hung on a wall or kept in a living space that’ll forever remind you of your best friend. The words printed on it say: “Pawprints in heaven, pawprints on my heart” since we all know dogs go to heaven, we know that when an owner says their final goodbye to their furry friend, Heaven will be richer for one more set of paws.

Below the text, there’s a place for the pet’s name and the year of birth, and the year they passed away. On the right side of the canvas, you’ll see a girl sitting on a peer with a dog by her side.

The dog has angel wings symbolizing the good nature of the dog, as well as his place in the next life. All of the aspects of this canvas can be personalized.

From the name and dates to the dog breed and the model of the owner. This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s looking to keep the memory of their late dog alive!



Our dogs are a part of our morning rituals. We take them out, play with them, and feed them first thing in the early morning. When a pet is gone, a big part of the ritual is gone as well. Well, for that reason, here are a few mugs that could help your friend cope with losing a dog, especially in the morning hours.

Sipping coffee alone in the morning can be a sad part of your routine. Your doggo was always by your side, and we understand that. Well, here’s a mug that just might make it a bit easier to drink the morning coffee, even though it’s just a memory of your pet instead of them being there.

It’s a beautifully designed mug with a heartbeat that ends up forming a heart at the end and a picture of the owner and their dog with angel wings sitting under it. The names of both the owner and the dog can be changed which is a detail that’ll make this gift even dearer.

On the back, there’s a message that reads: “A heart of gold stopped beating. Four little paws at rest. It broke my heart but this I know - God only takes the best”. Just reading this gives anyone goosebumps, and with a reason.

A message as meaningful as this one carries a few strong messages. We know how hard it is to depart from someone who has been with you for years, but we must understand that the Lord only takes the best and that one day - your four-legged friend will greet you as you enter Heavenly gates.

This is one of the simplest designs available, but it doesn’t mean it’s to be overlooked. A beautiful pearl-white mug is accompanied by a dear drawing.

On the drawing, you can see the owner (with their name below them) and the dog right beside their owner with a pair of angel wings on their back. The doggos name can also be changed and personalized.

They are both sitting on a peer looking at the ocean and birds over it, which is a heartwarming image since the piece that a dog brings into its owner’s life is priceless, and this design perfectly shows it.

From Heart to Heart

It’s clear how hard it is to say the final “goodbye”, but we’re here to help.

All of these heart-warming dog memorial gifts are perfect for grieving owners that can’t get over their pet’s death.

But, regardless of the cycle of life, the memory of our beloved dogs can live forever. That’s why any and every gift from the list above is perfect for doing exactly that - keeping the memory alive.

We hope you found something meaningful that’ll help you or your friend cope with the loss of a four-legged angel in your life, and we’re sure that you’ll find another little pupper to help you with your mourning.

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