Purrfect Halloween Checklist for A Feline Party

Everybody is so excited about the upcoming Halloween. And whether your badass cats seem not to care a little about it, they still don’t want to be excluded from your Halloween preparation pack.

To make sure everything will go smoothly on that special night, you should take a look at the following Halloween checklist for a happy Halloween cat party. Let this Halloween be a great chance to celebrate the holiday with your cat lovers and of course your lovely furry paws buddies.

Among your must-haves list, these following aspects you’ll need to fill out for our little felines to enjoy the party completely.

Halloween Cat Costumes: Time to Dress Up for The Party

Looking at everyone in the family dressed up to something really fun and strange will make your cat curious a lot. And they probably want to be a part of that fun too.

So don’t forget to stop by a pet store when shopping to pick out the cutest Halloween cat costumes for them to join in the joy.

A furry lion or badass pirate hat may delight his/her holiday better. When shopping for costumes for your little feline, don’t forget to measure their size ahead, so you can grab the best one for them.

halloween cat costumes

Sometimes, your cats are so familiar with being “naked”, wearing a whole costume may bring some negative interaction instead.  

The best solution is to simply give them a cute collar bow tie. It will make them look formal yet comfortable enough to enjoy the party.

Halloween Treats and Water

Treats are one of the most expected traditional parts of Halloween whether to humans or felines. And in case you focus too much on cooking fancy meals for your friends, don’t forget our cats want to try new flavors as well.

So add delicious cat treats to your shopping list now if you realize it isn’t there yet. As always, food and water always come together, thus providing water stations around the house is also necessary.

Since we often focus on the fun time and forget our 4-paw friends, walking or running all over the place, and even helping you to greet guests, will be dehydrated.  

To impress your guests and bring new fun for our feline, let's show them that a Halloween theme creeps into every single item in your house, even your cat food bowl.

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Cute Gifts for Feline and Their Owners Joining the Party

Who isn’t up for good surprises? Make your Halloween party this year memorable with the following personalized gifts that you can impress both kitties and their owners.

Every gift brings the heart of the giver. But with personalized gifts, you want to show your loved ones you have special care for them when giving them a gift that talks best about them and their best companion.

Personalized Canvas

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Personalized Blankets

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Cat Metal Signs

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Some Safety Notices For Kitties

  • Don’t leave your cat in costume alone: This is dangerous when they are trapped in Halloween costumes for a long time and especially alone. As they are more comfortable and familiar with being without clothes on, those costumes may irritate them or even challenge their breath and movement.
  • Watch out for Halloween decorations: New decoration items in your house right now stimulate your cat’s curious instincts. And as cats’ natural inflection, they will play with those items and even try to bite those raw pumpkins or corn. So for their safety, you shouldn’t let them come closer to those decorated places or keep them out of your cats’ reach.
  • Keep candy away from cats: Colorful sweets will catch felines’ attention faster than anything else. However, chocolate and xylitol are very fatal to cats. We often think this problem only concerns dog owners, but in fact, to any pets chocolate is toxic.
  • Don’t let your cats outside: If your cat is not a full-time inside type, then you should make sure on Halloween night, he/she won’t run anywhere outside the house. The best way is to create a safe play area filled with all of their favorite toys, treats, and water where your friends’ cats and yours can play happily.

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