Galaxy Art - A Universe Where Dogs & Cats Run Things

Imagine a world where dogs and cats make up the majority of the population. Now, imagine that those dogs and cats are working together.

What are they working together on?

Well, preserving their homeland, of course!

But that’s not all. There are a bunch of other planets that house dogs and cats alike that do ordinary things, such as fish!

Wouldn’t you want to live in such a universe?

Us too!

Let’s take a look at what this universe has to offer and how you can stay informed about this new and interesting world.

Space Station

Speaking of heart-warming gifts, this is probably one of the most emotional T-shirts you’ll ever see. It’s a simple grey design, accompanied by some of the most powerful words a dog owner can think of when it comes to their beloved pet.

The words say: “You were my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye" and these words are as emotional as they are because they’re true. When a person gets a new pet, it’s one of the most loving moments ever.

But, when it’s time to say “goodbye” to an old friend, it comes as a burden that no human should ever feel. It’s hard to say the final goodbye, and we’re well aware of that. To make it even more emotional, the picture on the T-shirt shows an owner and their dog with angel wings sitting on a cloud and looking at beautiful colors.

The names of both the owner and the pet are customizable, which brings this tee on a whole nother level when it comes to personalized gifts - and that’s exactly what’s needed in moments of grief such as when someone lost a beloved pet.


Cat Attack Planet

Ever seen cats in an armed spaceship? Well, if your answer is no - that’s about to change in just a few seconds!

This art really paints a picture of some angry cats trying to free their occupied land or attack an aggressor.

All in all, this design is done in some amazing colors and can light up any space that it will host it in any of these variations: round floor rugs, posters, a matte canvas, acrylic print, or tapestry.

Below, you’ll find the design for this awesome art, and you can check out all products with this art print and see how they look off the canvas (in some cases):


Space Ship Racing

Racing is a well-known and widely loved sport. Then, why shouldn’t it exist in different universes?

We totally agree!

That’s why this design hosts an amazing art that displays a dog in a spaceship, being chased by cats that are also in their own spaceships.

It’s truly an awesome design that’s a perfect conversation starter that’ll bring the room to life as you’ve never seen before.

Here, you can check out the design that’s available on round floor rugs, posters, a matte canvas, acrylic print, or tapestry:


Under The Sea

The majority of us grew up watching Disney movies. Some of you remember the Little Mermaid, and we all know how legendary it is.

Well, that’s kind of how this design started. We wanted to honor a legendary movie and put our own little twist on it.

That’s what lead us to be looking at dogs and cats being half fish. Hold on, we’re not sure you understand. They are half dog or cat and half fish. How cool is that?

If you’re a fan of underwater creatures as well, this design will be awesome for you!

You can order it in round floor rugs, posters, a matte canvas, acrylic print, and tapestry, and the design looks something like this:



Pirates are our final design for today. But that only means that we’ve come to talk about our best design because you know how they say - save the best for last.

This art features a cat wearing a cat and a sword, with a black patch on its right eye. Behind her, there’s a bulldog with a chef’s outfit and a chef’s hat. They’re sailing on a pirate’s boat through space.

Since they’re in space, you can see various planets and stars, as well as some amazing and beautiful intense purple and blue colors that perfectly go with the rustic colors of the ship and the cat’s outfit. There’s also a small purple pug on the boat that’s looking into the distance through a monoscope.

If you’re interested in getting this design, you can check it out below. It’s available in round floor rugs, posters, a matte canvas, acrylic print, and tapestry.


We’re hoping that you’ll find these designs as appealable as we’ve tried to make them. We’ve put a lot of effort and love into these, hoping to make something memorable!

Our idea was to make great pieces that would be awesome conversational starters in any situation. They can light up the space and make it come alive, which is sometimes really easy to do with just one item.

If you’re looking to purchase any of these home decor items, you can find them right here.

We wish you a happy trip to the Galaxy of art!

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