Super Cute Dog And Human Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the only chance of the year where you and your dog can wear anything you guys want without caring about other people’s judgment. If your dog wants to be a Pikachu, Harley Quinn, or even a shark, let him/her be. This year, why don’t you make use of our suggestions for dog and human Halloween costumes below and surprise everybody?

Instead of carrying a scary theme, these suggestions will bring a super cute combination with a little spooky color to brighten up your Halloween this year.

Now let’s dive in!

Pick Your Or Your Dog Most Favorite Costume

More than anyone, you better know your dog's taste. If your buddy is really into certain toys, stuffed animals, food, or even a movie character, it will be easier for you to go straight to pet stores and grab the costume.

But if not, then you can just pick the costume based on your interest. You know if you’re happy, your dog will be.

Tips To Pick The Best Dog Halloween Costumes

When shopping for your dog's Halloween costume, you shouldn’t ignore these essential notes.

Firstly, make sure you know your little furry friend has no problem with being dressed up. Some dogs may have negative interactions with costumes such as nervousness, stress, or even aggression. So as their parents, you know them the best.

In addition, in case you throw a party, make sure your dog costume is in the same theme or at least the same color, or the same shade as the party. I know you want your dog to stand out in the crowd, but don’t make him/her feel like an outcast because of an unmatched outfit.

When you check your dog will be OK with the costume and know what exactly the character you want them to be this Halloween, picking the right size is another important step here.

  • Measure your dog's Halloween costume by checking their neck, body length, and chest size.
  • Don’t let any of the costume accessories interfere with your dog’s sight, breathing, and hearing.
  • Pick the larger size if the measurement falls in between two sizes so that it won’t tighten their neck and hinder movement.
  • Choose the costume’s material suitable with the environment and weather. You don’t want to overheat or freeze your little buddies when wearing a leather lion coat, or a bikini walking around the neighborhood all night.

What if your dog doesn't want to wear a whole costume? Give him/her this personalized bandana. Simple but cool enough to wear and celebrate Halloween with you.

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Personalized Your Outfit and Accessories with Your Dog Halloween Costumes

You’re going to be so surprised with our ideas of how to get a cute dog and human Halloween costumes.

Customize your t-shirt with your dog image

So after you already get the perfect costume for your four-paw friend, wear it on and take a picture of that irresistible cute moment. A selfie of you and your bestie wearing that lovely costume is beyond fine as well.

Now with the following choices of personalized Halloween t-shirts allowing you to upload that amazing picture and featuring on your t-shirt.

Here’re instructions on how to make your favorite personalized t-shirt or any items for you to check out conveniently.

Or else, in case your buddy doesn’t cooperate well to get the perfect selfie, you can totally pick the clipart from the product’s collection for your dog breed and put his/her name on it. And boom, now you guys have dog and human Halloween costumes that match.

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Other Dog and Human Halloween Costumes

Will it be too cool if you are also wearing a face mask that has your dog's image and name on it? Well, it wouldn’t be Halloween if it’s not weird.

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Morning coffee in the Halloween season will be bolder with these personalized Halloween mugs. And of course, it’s not going to be special without your dog illustration and name on it.

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Get Ready to Welcome Another Special Halloween Season

Hopefully, with all the suggestions and tips above you collect some interesting ideas to prepare for this Halloween.

As a dog lover, you really want to bring that theme to celebrate this Halloween season in some means. Our options to get dog and human Halloween costumes such as personalized t-shirts, face masks, and coffee mugs hit some unique and creative ideas for you.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed instructions to get your favorite personalized products at Pawsionate so that you can have a happy and full of fun purchasing experience.

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