Meowsome Ideas for Cat Themed Home Decoration

cat home decor

Even though cats invade most social media posts, it is still challenging for cat lovers to find cat home decoration items to show off their meowsome relationship. And the worst thing is, since it's short on diversity, you barely find the most matching your story with the fur baby at home.

Those problems can be solved easily with personalized products. From canvases to pillows, blankets, coffee mugs, or even garden flags and yard signs, you can customize your own house story right here with Pawsionate’s products.

Now it’s time for you to enter the cat lovers’ paradise.

Impressive Outdoor Cat Decor Ideas


A purr-fect way to mark the furry territory of the cat lover's house is to hang one of these personalized cat metal signs. You should let your guests know not to be deceived by their cuteness and let them release their true "evil." The metal signs come in different sizes, suitable for choosing one to hang on the fenced yard or at the front door.


Another lovely personalized metal sign for you to decorate your front view. This design allows you to customize the cat breeds and names. Plus, you can pick up to 4 cats to personalize them as your preference.


This personalized cat kingdom garden flag will brighten up your garden and make it more lively than ever. You can freely customize the flag with the cat breed, name, and your name as well. The flag is made from 100% polyesters ensuring durability, and its design is printed directly on for sustainable and long-lasting quality.


It is kind of confirmed that the cat rules the house. Hence, if you are a cat lover, and your house has already turned into your cat territory, you should help them tell others about their victory, too. Hanging this lovely personalized garden flag will make your house the most adorable house in the neighborhood.

Cat Wall Decor Items For Cat Lovers' Houses


No one can deny the fact that cat lovers are the ones who enjoy their life with the fur baby in the most peaceful way possible. Everything seems to slow down when the two (or even more) are lying or sitting next to each other. This personalized canvas somehow helps the cat lovers express that precious moment. Hanging this in the living room will bring a whole new look to your house, and surely your cat will love it, too.


This is a yoga version of this personalized canvas for cat lovers. Although only cat lovers know how annoying it is when practicing yoga with their four-legged friends, they still love it. The canvas comes in 3 different sizes, with several customization options such as cat breed and female'scharacters.


Let's refresh your bathroom and make bath time the most exciting time with your cats by hanging this personalized canvas. Your cat will never avoid bath time if they can see themselves proudly sitting in the sink like that. The canvas has three sizes, from small to big, for you to get and customize the right one for your home.

More Cat Indoor Decoration Items To Elevate Cat Lovers' Houses


It would be a big lack if your kitchen didn't have any cat personalized mugs. Your late morning can't be fulfilled without a little coffee time with the fur baby on your lap. Hence, it'd be better to get yourself a lovely cup with you and your cats on it and enjoy your time even happier.


Your couch or sofa will look more exciting and impressive with this personalized cat pillow. Since it's already covered by your cat's fur, there is no reason you can take the chair back from them. The pillow fabric is 100% polyester and dyed with design providing a durable and colorful quality.


If you still don't know how to decorate your home to look more cattie on Christmas, this personalized cat ornament eases your stress right away. Not only because of its cuteness but also the design's uniqueness, this ornament is the most fantastic holiday decor item. Thanks to this adorable ornament, your house, especially the Christmas tree, will be the favorite spot for taking photos of everyone.

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