15+ Funny Housewarming Gifts For Pet Lovers

Moving to a new house will make us - humans - feel both excited and nervous somehow, yet our fur babies like dogs and cats probably only feel the latter one. It may take longer for your four-legged buddies to settle down in the new house with you while trying to run off finding a way to their old home. Meaningful personalized housewarming gifts on which you can feature your dogs and cats will boost the bonding with the house better.

In case your friends or beloved ones are pet owners, and they’ve just moved into a new house, thoughtful and funny housewarming gifts will bring a fresh and even familiar vibe for both owners and pets to feel loved.

And here you are, about to discover our favorite housewarming gift ideas to gift yourself or your beloved ones. Let’s dive right in.

The Importance Of Housewarming Gifts And What Makes Them Unique

Friends and family often ask what to get a pet lover for the housewarming. The answer to that question is a bit complicated because there are so many things to consider when deciding what’s best for your friend or loved one. It’s important to think about whether they would prefer something functional or sentimental, whether it be a gift that they can enjoy now or something they can enjoy later, and if it will make their life easier.

It's also worth considering the type of pet your giftee has. If they have a dog or a cat then you may want to think about getting them some personalized cat or dog t-shirts, canvas, coffee mug, pillow, or supplies like food or water bowls.

10+ Gift Ideas to Keep in Mind When Buying House Warming Gifts For Animal Lovers

Having this personalized dog t-shirt to wear at your housewarming party will impress your guests a lot. It's also the most creative way to introduce "the owner" of the new house.

Your house only feels like home when having the "person" you love. Whether in the old or new house, the cat will rule it all. This personalized cat t-shirt will help the cat owner say it out loud.

Dog mom/dad t-shirts are the best idea for matching couples and dogs in greeting guests to the housewarming party. It shows how excited the three of you are when starting a new journey in this new house.

Cat dads all act tough outside but actually are pretty soft inside. And if you know it, you know it. 😉 Let's help him show his badass cat dad feature with this personalized cat dad t-shirt as a unique housewarming gift for him.

New house, new furniture, but probably still old rule. You all know the furniture belongs to your fur buddies. Let's help your pooch feel familiar with the new house by putting this personalized dog pillow on his favorite couch.

This personalized blanket is a pur-fect furniture decorator and a lovely way to make your pets feel at home in this new house simply because they can see their face on every item of the house.

Enjoying a morning coffee at a new house will feel a little different. This personalized coffee mug will make the pet owners feel more touched and loved when seeing their beloved baby and the meaningful message printed on it.

Cat parents probably often wake up earlier than others since their fur babies are all morning "angles." Give them this cup as a housewarming gift to show them how much you understand that meow-some bond.

A personalized canvas is a fur-cinated housewarming gift. You can support your person with her lifestyle and the beautiful companionship between her and the paw buddies with this canvas.

This housewarming gift will make your giftee laugh out loud because of its accuracy. Plus, their dogs may love you more since you'll help them appear on the nicest spot of the new house.

This new personalized laser-cut metal sign will be one of the unique housewarming gifts your recipients can ever expect. The sophisticated design of this metal sign will make their new house more impressive than ever.

The beauty of these laser-cut metal signs lies in their customizability. You can choose the size and the dog breed to make it one-of-a-kind. There are no creative yet funny housewarming gifts like these.

A new doormat is a must-have item of every new house. Yet it is very easy to go bored and old fashioned with this kind of gift. Our personalized doormat will change the game. You can customize the dog breed, its name, and its parent's name too. A whole package of creativity in such a very traditional housewarming gift you can ask for.

A personalized cat doormat is probably hard to find in the market. But here you are. The cutest and meow-derful doormat here will let you customize the cat breed(s) and their names effortlessly. This would be a meaningful housewarming gift for cat lovers. They work hard to get this new house for their rotten cat.

In one short sentence, this personalized garden flag is the pur-fect way to introduce your family to the new neighbor. Hanging this flag in the front yard before taking your dog to the house so that he can feel welcome and understand that this is his new lovely house.

Moving to a new house is sometimes a nightmare with cat parents. Cats are more sensitive about their settle place. Hence welcoming your cats to a new home with this personalized cat flag is a great idea. Or if you look for thoughtful housewarming gifts for cat parents, this is the one.

This metal sign is more than perfect for a housewarming gift for dog lovers. Right at the door is the lovely welcome metal sign featuring the badass paw bang of the house. It's precisely how the giftee and their dogs want to greet their guest.

This welcome customized metal sign is another ideas for your housewarming gift. You can customize the number of cats and their breed to make it match their case as much as possible. Such a good housewarming gift to help the cat get along with the new house better.

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