The Stories Behind Our Best-selling Dog Dad Gifts on Father’s Day

Father’s Day just passed by and left a lot of emotions as well as a memorable time for all of us. Do you still remember your dad's face when he opened your lovely gift? We know that precious moments are priceless. Nothing in this world can be more beautiful than family’s love. And Pawsionate is so honored to be one of the very small “contributors” to bring happiness to all pet families around the world.

All of our personalized gifts, especially personalized Father’s Day gifts such as dog dad shirts, or dog dad mugs are so loved by customers and are best-selling gifts on this Father’s Day. Let's take a quick look with us to see what gifts our customers believe will bring the brightest smile to all dog dads in the world and how dads really react with their real stories.

Top 4 Best-selling Gifts for Dog Dad on Father’s Day

Here is the list of our best-selling personalized Father’s Day gifts that dog dad seems to get the most on the holiday. Let’s see what makes these gifts more popular than the rest and get the approval of most of our customers.

1. Dog Dad Shirts

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The cute message on these t-shirts reflects the truth that every dog dad wants to hear. That's why these are one of the designs that got purchased the most in the t-shirt list.

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More than that, you are able to change the number of dogs, their name, and their breed easily. The shirt comes in different fashionable colors which are suitable for every Dad’s taste.

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Having more than one dogs? Don't worry you can choose up to three different dogs to customize on the shirt. The price won't change but the affection is already tripled.

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Dads can wear this personalized t-shirt on any day since every day is Father's day to their furry friends.

2. Personalized Mugs

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The practical and cuteness of a mug is an indispensable item in our kitchen. A lot of customers believe that this Father’s Day is the time to change their dad's old, boring mug with the new one.

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Every day Dad can put on a small smile whenever seeing the lovely message on the mug featuring his favorite pet and it’s also a meaningful gift from his beloved ones.

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These mugs are one of the best personalized Father's day gifts for Dads. You can even upload an image of Dad and his favorite buddy and customize it on the mug to make it a super unique gifts he ever gets.

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If Dads don't want to be the main character of the party, his four-legged bestie will be. Let help Dad's dog show him how lucky he is when having that furry friend by his side.  

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Also at Pawsionate, we prioritize the quality of both design and materials. Different messages on the mug will be suitable for different characters of all dads.

The same as the material, the C-shape handle is dedicated to bringing the most comforts for holders.

3. Personalized Flags

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Want to shout out to the world what you are celebrating? Hanging a flag seems like the perfect way. It’s no surprise, personalized flags are on the list of Pawsionate’s bestselling in the Father’s Day season.

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No matter how much your dad loves you or other members of your family, his pet is just like a son from past life. The flag gift gives him a hand to show his pride for his dog more uniquely and adorably.

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These personalized Father's day gifts will help guests understand more about a dog Dad's life. It's simply that the dog rules the house.

4. Personalized Canvas

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Finding meaningful personalized Father’s Day gifts is never easier than this. At Pawsionate, you can pick our beautiful canvas that honors the family’s love.

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These canvas show the peaceful moments of pets and their owners with a simple happy statement.

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Let your Dad enjoy a simple yet meaningful Father's day with these canvas gifts. He will loves to hang them around the house.

Real Emotions - Real Stories

After each order is sent out, we always hope it will bring a little happiness or even a whole meaningful story for someone. Luckily, we got a chance to receive thousands of feedback from customers all over the world sharing how they feel about the gift.

It can be a sad story with a happy ending or a funny one. No matter what, they all leave a huge influence on us at Pawsionate. And here are a few stories that we want to share with all of you.

Apparently, he was forced to be a dog dad by his precious daughter. And now after a year, he’s totally “tamed” with their lovely Husky. Look how happy he was when wearing a “Dear Dad, forget Father’s Day I Woof You Every Day” shirt with his Husky right under the message.

Not every story is all about happiness. The family of Dinorath S., unfortunately, lost their Doobie just a week right before Father’s Day. We all understand how huge this loss is, especially when it’s so close to the holiday. But thankfully, our shirt still can put a smile on his face, no matter where he goes, Doobie is always there with him.

The message of this mug on one side is “Thank you for being the best ball throwing, poop scooping, most lovable dog dad ever. I woof you.” How cute could it be? And he has his little Sakoda smiling on the other side. We’re so happy that it brings some joys to Emily’s family for Father’s Day.

The flag design is also loved the most on Father’s Day. Hanging a personalized pet flag in your garden yard seems like a lovely way to celebrate Father’s Day for dog dad. It’s our pleasure that the quality of the flag meets Linda’s expectations and her neighbors’ as well.

Your Happiness Is Our Happiness

At Pawsionate, our mission is to bring the most unique, personal yet meaningful gifts for pets and pet lovers, especially to severe for the meaningful holiday season. The collection for personalized Father’s Day gifts is one of them. If any of our products brings a certain joy to your life, we’re more than happy for that day already.

To continue our mission, we are trying our best to create more creative, beautiful designs as well as expand our product types to give you guys more options for shopping.

Also, since your happiness is our happiness, don’t hesitate to share with us your own story with the gift you get at Pawsionate. The True Stories category of our blog is dedicated to our happy customers. Let others have a chance to hear your unique story and express their feelings or even their sympathy if they overcome the same thing as you as well.

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