Happy Mother's Day Dog/Cat Mom: Pawsome Gifts to Spoil Yourself

Happy Mother’s Day to all the dog moms in this universe. Your unmatchable sacrifice to all the two-legged and four-legged deserves the best things in this world. Make full use of this Mother’s Day and indulge yourself by buying all the gifts you like, eating your favorite food, doing your favorite activities, or simply laying on the couch and snuggling with your fur buddies.

As a dog or cat mom, you know nothing can beat the feeling of showing off the beautiful companionship with your paw babies. The following curated selection of unique gifts for dog moms will help you pick the perfect gift you “secretly” wish for to reward yourself for a challenging year.

Starts at $27.95 (4 colors, Sizes: XS to 5XL)

Being a dog mom requires a serious commitment, responsibility, and work. This dog mom t-shirt will help you shorten the answer when someone asks, "how have you been?" - Happily busy 😉. The shirt comes with a wide range of colors and sizes and the customizations of the mom character and dog.

Starts at $24.95 (5 colors, Sizes: S to 5XL)

Having a lazy Mother's Day isn't a bad idea at all. Let's enjoy a day doing nothing but sleeping on a couch with your meow-some babies while wearing this shirt that speaks the vibe preciously. With this personalized cat mom t-shirt, you can customize up to 6 cats on the shirt. The more, the merrier, right?

Starts at $22.95 ( black and white, Sizes: 11oz)

The best quality review for your full-time dog mom position belongs to the fur buddies living in the same roof. They know all the tasks you have to do even if they are not on the "job description." And more important, everything you do is filled with love. So you have all right to reward yourself with this dog mom gift as a way to have a happy Mother's Day.

Starts at $24.95 ( black and white, Sizes: 11 & 15oz)

This gift precisely describes the relationship between most cat moms and their paw babies. The mug comes in two different sizes, including 11 and 15oz. The dye sublimation printing method ensures the printing is clear and lasts long. The mug is made with high-quality black ceramic, safe for microwave and dishwasher.

Starts at $49.95 (Sizes: 12"x16" & 16"x24")

A peaceful life with your four-legged kid is beyond beautiful. The canvas brings the wonderful vibe of an independent dog mom who fully enjoys her life with the fur baby. The canvas comes with female character customization to help make it match your preference the most.

Starts at $49.95 (Sizes: 30"x40", 50"x60", 60"x80")

Getting cozy with your dog in bed and waking up a little late on Mother's Day is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. This personalized blanket is one of the best dog mom gifts you can buy for yourself, and of course, your four-legged baby will love it, too.

Starts at $49.95 (Sizes: 30"x40", 50"x60", 60"x80")

Get yourself this official nap blanket to enjoy your nap with the meow babies more lovely. The customizations allow you to add up to 4 cats, along with their breeds, names, and some of the female character features.

Starts at $29.95 (Sizes: 12"x12" & 18"x18")

Even though your pooch steals the couch, it doesn't mean you can't refresh it. Put this cute pillow with the lovely message on the sofa with your fur baby lying next to it will make a double confirmation. Everyone will know who the best dog mom is in this house. 😎

Starts at $32.95 (Sizes: 12"x12" & 18"x18")

Get the "My cat is the reason" combo of blanket and pillow to mark the lazy zone for you and your fur babies to comfortably relax without hesitation. Thanks to those meow-some personalized cat lover items, it's not so hard to find the best cat mom in this house.

Self-care is super essential, especially for dog moms. You spend your whole life taking care of others. Mother's Day is the day for you to finally think for yourself. As a proud dog mom, this personalized water tracker bottle will keep you hydrated and loved with the super-cute smile of your paw buddy printed on it.

You care for your cat, and now it's time for your cat to take care of you in the most loveable way. This personalized cat water bottle will remind their cat mom to drink enough water on behalf of the meow babies. Stay hydrated - stay healthy should be this year's resolution!

New Arrivals
Starts at $29.95 (Sizes: 4"x6" & 6"x8")

"Baby, you light up my life like nobody else." Is it talking precisely about how you and your dog feel about each other? This is also the metaphor meaning behind this gift. Besides all the joys, you - a wonderful dog mom - are a home to your dog, and we think you think the same.

New Arrivals

Isn't it too cute to indulge yourslef with? Such a lovely cat mom gift to get on Mother's Day. Not only you but your fur babies will definitely love sitting on this hoodie blanket. Made with pet-friendly material and diversified in customizations, this gift will bring so many fun for you guys to enjoy.

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