"My dog is my valentine" - Celebrate Valentine Singles’ Way

Even all couples in the world are preparing and excited for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean singles can’t have their fun on that day. For all single pet parents out there, you are never actually “single” since you have your fur stalker who’ll follow you to even the bathroom. Just like someone has confirmed that “my dog is my valentine,” you have your four-legged buddy to spend Valentine’s day with joyfully.

Is Valentine’s Day for Singles?

Technically, every day on the calendar is for everyone in this universal. Hence, singles have all right to enjoy Valentine’s day as any couple. In fact, Valentine’s day is a holiday for people to express their affection to their lovers. It also expands for relatives and friends or any companionships in general.

Proud as the best dog/cat parents voted by your four-legged babies, you should make full use of this day to let the world, or simply your pets know you have the best companionship.

Since you have your pets, you know how much they change your life. They can sometimes be your baby, sometimes turn into an annoying yet super loyal friend, a good listener, a perfect cuddler, and the best therapist.

With that many roles they are playing in your life, it would be a significant lack if you don’t do anything to celebrate Valentine with your pets. “My dog is my valentine” is right for not only Valentine but every single day, in fact.

How to Celebrate Valentine Bold and Impressive for Singled Pet Parents

Since your “lover” is super unique, you should try something a little bit different to make this Valentine more remarkable than ever. Here are our favourite activities that you need to check out to fill your house with love on that particular day.

Buy Personalized Dog Valentine Shirt for YOU

This holiday is pretty much about who will get the gifts. Why have to wait for someone to give you a gift when you can buy for yourself the one you like? Especially, more than anyone, you are the one who understands and love you the most. Self-love and self-appreciation are good traits that pet parents will get overtime, spending near their “angles.”

If you have never bought a personalized shirt before, this will be an enjoyable experience. You’ll have a chance to customize your dog and feature it on the shirt. The following dog valentine shirt designs allow you to personalize the number of dogs, dog’s breed, and name. Some even offer human customization, i.e. hair color, hairstyle, skin color, dress color, etc.

There are more items that you can consider indulging yourself on this Valentine, such as personalised coffee mugs, personalized tracker bottles, and personalized canvas .

Get Valentine’s Day Dog Bandana for YOUR DOG

After picking a perfect gift for you, now it’s time to find a lovely gift for your furry “lover.”

Let’s fashion up your dogs with the following personalized valentines day dog bandana collection. Imagine walking your dog to the park on Valentine’s Day and wearing the personalized t-shirt you just got that features the buddy walking next by, and your buddy wearing the “badass” bandana. Not only your four-legged buddy, but also you will get a lot of attention. Who knows, it can lead to “adopting” another partner in your life.

Besides dog bandana, you can also give your pooch something that even you can use. Let say how about personalized blankets and pillows. Your pup will feel so loved when seeing their face all over the blanket or covering the most of a pillow. And more importantly, you are hugging that pillow and using the blanket to cover your body when sitting on a couch with your paw friend.

Make Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

Beyond the gifts, the activities you guys spend time together also mean a lot. Besides doing some daily activities like walking around the neighbourhood or playing in the park, you guys can try some indoor projects. Making your pet’s favorite food and watching movies together sound happy and fun enough for this Valentine holiday.

Instead of buying your pooch some instant treats from pet stores, you can check out these easy DIY dog treats and, along with your dog’s help to mess up the kitchen.

Don’t forget to prepare your favorite dish as well, so both of you can snuggle under the blanket and enjoy the cutest Valentine’s movie night you can ask for.

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