June 30, 2021 6 min read

All eyes are on the Fourth of July - the biggest holiday of the year. What do you prepare for the 4th this year? Of course, you don’t want a boring celebration that repeats year over year. Let this year be different. We are about to introduce to you 4 Fourth of July decorations that will brighten up your house and mark an unforgettable celebration.

Before digging deeper into the suggestions, just a little heads-up. All of our picks will be personalized or custom-made ideas since we aim to create more personal, creative, meaningful, and valuable gifts. From the color, name to even the picture on the product is possible to change according to your interests. Feeling excited yet?

Let’s get started!

Where to Buy 4th of July Decorations?

Since the Internet has become the dominant technological tool that covers almost every aspect of our lives, especially our shopping habits, people tend to look for what they need online rather than experience it physically.

A lot of controversies arise about how eCommerce will never replace brick and mortar retailers entirely, but there’s no denying that it leaves a huge effect on how to run a business these days.

There are millions of reasons you should stay at home, browse several online stores and pick out your favorite products. Firstly, you have to stay at home, whether it’s because of the government lockdown or for your own safety’s sake. Choosing to walk down the shopping streets and visit stores over stores doesn’t sound good at all in the sensitive period of the pandemic. But beyond that, online shopping is convenient and time-saving.

This July, we know that you’re looking for ideas for the big day - our Independence Day. If you’re interested in personalized and pet-related products, we would highly recommend Pawsionate to you.

Pawsionate is the online personalized products store providing all the best and unique gifts, goods, and ideas for your house, your family members, and especially, your little four-leg companions. The store often lists out products seasonally, so it becomes super handy for you when special occasions come in.

Now it’s time to see what you can explore in Pawsionate for this 4th of July.

4 Fourth of July Decorations Ideas

With a wide range of Pawtriotic goods collections, you will find perfect ideas to show your patriotism in your very own way.

The theme for Independence Day’s decorations mainly focuses on patriotic colors including red, blue, and white. So the suggestions below share the same vibe which is exactly what you should have for Fourth of July decorations.

Home Decor

The first thing you want to elevate for this celebration should be your house. Re-color your house with these patriotic decorations to show everyone or even yourself that you are ready to have a cheerful Independence Day.

Not Just A Dog Canvas

Sold out

Having this meaningful Not Just a Dog canvas hanging right in the living room where all of your family members gather would be lovely. The canvas shows your American love as well as the beautiful relationship between you and your favorite pet.

Offer different sizes, you can choose which one is suitable for your house effortlessly. The quality of the canvas is beyond acceptable, from the ink to wood material. So if you still have space on the wall and don’t know how to fill it, this canvas will be a perfect choice.

Land of the Furry Pillow

Sold out

What should go with the sofa right below the beautiful canvas that you just picked? It must be nothing but a nice pillow that shares the same theme.Land of the Furry personalized pillow will surprise your guests in a very cute way.

With this personalized pillow, you are able to pick the size, change the skin tone, hairstyle, dog breed, even your name, and your dog's name. It’s going to be a pillow about just you and your dog, very personal and unique.

Independence Day Shirts

Life is better (US Pattern) shirt

Sold out

If you don’t know what to wear when driving around and celebrating the 4th with everyone, this Life is Better Personalized T-shirt with a US pattern could be a nice try.

Whatever your size is, the shirt offers them all. And since it's a personalized product, you are more than welcome to change the dog breed to match yours as well as his name.

US pocket dog shirt

Sold out

Just want a simple style for the 4th? This US Pocket Dog shirt is made for you. Don’t need to say much, your dog and the American theme are just right at the pocket or can be said right at your heart.

Dog in my heart shirt

Sold out

This Dog in my heartdesign is one of the best-selling shirts in the collection since it says exactly the vibe of Fourth of July.

From the quality to the style, the shirt will surely meet your demand. You just need to pick the size, color, dog breed, and name and wait for a couple of days to a week to expect your order to come. And you'll be good to go for the holiday.

Never underestimate US man shirt

Sold out

How cool is this Never underestimate US man shirt? It conveys a very important message about your love for dogs and America.

Imagine yourself walking your 4-leg companion on the street with this shirt, we think that you would get a lot of comments about the cuteness of both of you guys.

This girl loves America and her dog shirt

Sold out

While all the designs above are either unisex or for men, this one is dedicated to all American ladies. Who says girls can’t cutely express their patriotism? Let’s shhh them by wearing This girl loves America and her dog shirt.

Not only does the image on the shirt is suitable for every girl’s style, but the design of the sleeve is also fashionable as well. We focus on every detail of the design to make sure the shirt can satisfy even the hardest ones.

Independence Day Custom Face mask

Sold out

At this certain time, a facemask is an indispensable accessory that we need every time we go out. Since we spend almost half of the day wearing it, a lot of people start to think of it as a fashionable accessory. And this American Dog Mom/Dad facemask is a wonderful choice for any American dog parents to wear out for Independence Day this year.

It will come with a choice of a single mask or pack of 3, 4, or even 10, so you can switch or clean whenever needed.

Custom Bandana

Sold out

From your house to your outfit, you already have impressive picks, now it’s time for your pet. Let him show everyone about his patriotism for Independence Day this year with the I Love USA bandana.

Come in black and white, it looks simple but meaningful and especially, suitable for any color of your pet coat. You will have the cutest Fourth of July matching with your pet when you guys are together.

Time to Show Your Patriotism

There are millions of ways to show your love for America, but why don’t you choose Pawsionate’s products and celebrate the holiday in your very own way.

Since the Covid pandemic makes our life upside down, we’ve started to do things way more different than we usually do. Everything seems to be done inside the house rather than going out like working, studying, and shopping just to name a few. To prepare for Independence Day coming in, you just need to pick a suitable online store like Pawsionate which offers a wide range of personalized products bringing the main theme about pets and pet lovers.

For Fourth of July decorations, Pawsionate provides a thoughtful collection of all the personalized goods having the patriotic vibe from T-shirt, facemask, bandana for your pet to canvas and pillow. With the suggestion list above, you’re more than ready for the holiday.


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